Savings Management System

Turbocharge your cost reduction initiatives with effortless project management and comprehensive data analytics

Digital WCM


CD Matrices

CD management system designed to enhance plant savings performance by simplifying processes, providing clear data visualizations and reducing NVAA

Effortlessly plan, track and manage detailed savings plan

Improve project allocation process with guided controls

Eliminate NVAA with automated tracking of savings & project data

Improve plant savings performance with simplified savings management

Enhance value added decision making with clear data visualization


Kaizen Database

Project management system designed to enable seamless planning, tracking and collaboration across the organization 

Plan, track and collaborate for projects seamlessly 

Improve project completion rate using automated workflows

Enhance visibility to projects across the organization

Reduce project and action closure times with centralization of data

Improve quality of projects with error proofing and guided controls 





Turbocharge your cost reduction initiatives using the savings management system

Maintenance Management


Make better decisions with visualization of maintenance data and analytics

Learning Management


Enterprise learning management system to meet all your training needs

Environmental Management


Smart environmental management system designed to meet your needs

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